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Just For Men

Hair Services

(Senior Citizen) Men's Shampoo, Cut, & Style- $ 14

Men's Clipper Cut- $ 15

Men's Wet Cut- $ 17

Men's Shampoo/Cut/Style- $ 22

Beard/Mustache Trim- $ 6

Hair & Scalp Treatment/Massage - $ 25

Men's FlashBack Color Shading- $ 25 & up

Waxing/Grooming Services

Men's Brow Grooming- $ 8

Ear Grooming- $ 12

Removes unwanted hair from inside the ear canal.

Neck Wax- $ 15

Chest Wax - $ 25 & up

Back Wax- $ 50 & up

Nail Services

Men's Nail Grooming- $ 20

A manicure geared specifically for men. No fragrant oils or lotions will be used unless requested.

Men's Foot Fix- $ 30

All the basics, plus a leg & foot massage; excludes nail polish.

Facials & Skin Therapy

Masculine Touch Facial- $ 58; 45 mins. - 1 hour. Similar to our Deep Pore Cleanse, but specialized for razor burn and in-grown hair reduction.

Chemical Peels (face only)- $ 55 & up; 20 mins. Includes just the facial area.

Sea Mud Back Treatment- $ 55; 30 mins. A facial for your back; includes cleansing, exfoliation, and extractions if needed. Designed to detoxify and exfoliate your skin.

Massage Therapy

Fusion Massage- 30 mins. Upper or Lower Body or 1 hour full body. A customized massage combining the Swedish & Neuro-muscular techniques.This is our most popular massage.

Neuro-Muscular- 1 hour.

Aids in the breakdown of tender and trigger points found in muscle tissues. Ideal for injury treatment and pain management.

Swedish- 1 hour.

Hands-on Full Body massage of medium pressure.

Just For Him

1 Hour Fusion Massage

Hair & Scalp Treatment/Massage

Men's Nail Grooming

Men's Foot Fix

Package Price: $ 135

Men's Products

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo

Shampoo made especially for itchy scalp or to reduce dandruff. Has a very refreshing after effect.

Paul Mitchell Shampoo Two

Great Shampoo designed specifically for oily scalp & hair.