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Nail Services

Keep your hands, feet, nails, and cuticles beautiful all year long with your choice of nail treatments. Lovely hands and feet will make you feel better from head to toe!


Price range: $ 10 to $ 40

Quick Escape Manicure $18-30 mins. Quick, touch up. Nails are filed, buffed, and polished & cuticle work is included.

Moisturizing Manicure $23-45 mins. All the essentials with an added hand & arm massage.

Shellac/Gel Service $28-30 to 40 mins.Goes on like regular nail polish, but dries like Gel. Your polish will last without chips or scratches 12 to 20 days.

Paraffin Manicure $28-1 hour. A relaxing and soothing paraffin hand dip is added to your manicure, which helps to moisturize dry hands and cuticles and soothe joint pain.

Spa Manicure $33-1 1/2 hours. Our ultimate manicure. All the treatments you receive with a paraffin manicure, but we add an exfoliating mask to remove excess dry skin.

Little Princess Manicure $10- 30 mins. For ages 12 years & under. Little girls will be treated like a princess with nail grooming, hand massage, & polish.

SNS Nails $33+: a healthier alternative to artificial nails!


Price range: $ 12 to $ 60

Nail Trim & Shaping $12+-15 mins. Nail work & shaping; only clear polish if desired.

Quick Escape Pedicure $26-35 mins. Nail work & foot exfoliation with nail polish.

Moisturizing Pedicure $32-

1 hour. This relaxing pedicure includes all the basics, plus a lower leg and foot massage.

Spa Pedicure $37-1 1/2 hours. A "facial" for your feet. Our moisturizing pedicure, plus a foot mask & heated booties. (Seasonal options available in Chocolate, Pumpkin, or Citrus)

Hot Stone Pedicure $45-1 1/2 hours. Enjoy this luxurious treatment with added benefits of hot stone massage to the legs & feet. Enjoy a heated neck wrap and our dimmed, soft lighting to add to the relaxation of this foot treatment.

Peppermint Pedicure $45-1 1/2 hours. Open up your senses with an Aromatherapy pedicure. Your feet are soaked in peppermint bath salts, exfoliated with peppermint scrub, engulfed in a peppermint foot mask, & massaged with peppermint oil.

Little Princess Pedicure $14-25 mins. For ages 12 years & under. Our basic pedicure for children; feet are soaked & moisturized; all nail work is done including polish.

Callus Treatment $12+- 20 mins. For extreme calluses on the heels & toes; this treatment will smooth out these areas and allow for more even exfoliation. $ 20 or add on to any pedicure service for $ 12.

Detox Pedicure $42- Our newest pedicure that clients are LOVING!! Removes toxins from your body through the bottom of your feet! Results you can actually see & feel!!!


French Polish- $ 5

Aromatherapy- $ 5

Polish Change- $ 12

Nail Art- $ 10 (all fingers or all toes) or priced individually

Paraffin Dips- $ 12

Clarisonic Foot Treatment- $ 10